Use Lip Plumpers to Get Lush Lips

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Isnt it usual for anyone to feel impressed by the voluptuous lips of the hot models and actresses that appear on magazine covers? In fact, most women fancy luscious lips; however, they want it naturally. Few who might even consider surgery are pulled back by the prohibitive cost of surgical treatments. Astonishingly, you can achieve similar results using lip care products such as lip plumpers.

Lip plumper is the best lip care product that protects your lips from the damages caused by environmental issues, free radicals, aging and smoking. It counter acts the deterioration of collagen fibers in the lips and develops perfectly contoured lips. Hence, the lip care products provide results which are at par with cosmetic surgery or lip injection and that too, at lesser cost and without pain.

You might wonder how a lip plumper brings about quick and lasting effects similar to lip enhancement surgery on to your lips. However, to get spectacular results, one should choose the best product that does not have side effects. Good quality lip plumpers contain natural ingredients like bees wax, cocoa butter, shea butter, glycerin, vitamin E et al that boost up the health of lip tissues. These ingredients nourish and moisturize the lips from inside; remove wrinkles, fine lines, irritations and inflammations; and enhance the natural lip color.

Best lip plumpers also contain dehydrated molecules of Hyaluronic acid. These are the water holding molecules, which are naturally found in between the collagen fibers of the lips. When applied on the lips, these dehydrated molecules penetrate deep in to the tissues quickly and expand by absorbing water from the adjacent cells. This leads to the enhancement of lip volume within in an hour of application and its effect lasts for at least 6 hours.

Collagen fibers play a major role in providing contour, volume, moisture, color and pout to the lips. The production of collagen fibers is improved with the help of tri-peptide molecules present in the lip plumper. These molecules trigger the production of natural collagen fibers and Hyaluronic acid molecules and thus optimize lip health, color and volume absolutely naturally.

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Use Lip Plumpers to Get Lush Lips

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This article was published on 2010/09/14